Santa Claus is coming to town… and we’ve got hold of his route plan!

Nothing stops Santa, and the big fella has arrived in Forres for his grand tour of the town to make sure he knows where everyone lives.

Not even Covid-19 has deterred him, although he has changed things around a little to make sure everyone stays safe… But don’t worry, he won’t be breaking any rules (apart from the speed limit!)

As usual, Santa is being guided round the town by the Rotary Club of Forres, who have been preparing for his visit.

The Forres Rotarians will be taking him on a guided tour of the town. It’s essential, so that he knows where everyone lives on Christmas Eve.

Rotary president Tanya McLaren said: “We are so pleased that we are able to bring Santa out this year to see everyone, and although things will be done differently Santa will be touring the streets (routes below) and we hope to bring some festive cheer in what has been a very difficult year. All money raised will go to local good causes.

“We are running a socially distanced event this year – the sleigh cannot stop and children cannot get up on to it to speak to Santa – but are encouraged to get out in their gardens and wave as Santa goes past. Please don’t congregate on the streets or we won’t be able to run the sleigh.”

We have also set up a ‘Just Giving’ page where folk can contribute – see our FB page for the link, We will have QR codes on the side of the sleigh so folk can point their phones and contribute directly.

Donate online at Just Giving

On his arrival in Forres, Santa said: “My good friends in Forres from The Rotary Club, Forres Fire and Rescue along with Forres Volunteers have kindly will be kindly guiding me around town. Sadly due to Covid 19 and in order that you all stay safe I won’t be able to stop and talk this time, but I will give plenty of big waves. Listen out for the Fire Engine and Sleigh Music as I come along your street. If I see you, I will definitely know where you live when I come back on Christmas Eve.”

Monday 14 December

  • 5:45pm Start at Northside Kinloss
  • All Northside 
  • Burnside 
  • Southside houses and Muirton Married Quarters

Tuesday 15 December

  • 5:45 Start at Victoria Hotel
  • Robertson place 
  • Pilmuir
  • Stuart St 
  • Califer area then Ramflat Road
  • Move to Councillors Walk
  • Bailies Rd
  • Move to Albert St  
  • Orchard rd houses around old Health Center 
  • Castle St Roysvale finish academy

Wednesday 16 December

  • 5:45 Start at Health Centre
  • Grant Drive to Twinning link 
  • Knockomie Rise Balnageith to Cumiskie Cres
  • Move To Dental Practice Cautler rd 
  • Balnaferry Farm rd to Knockomie Gardens and finish

Thursday 17 December

5:45 Start Health Center
Mannichie Gds 
Mannichie Grove Knockomie Braes Knockomie rise
Newton road area 
Finish along Allan Drive

Friday 18 December

  • 5:45 Start Dicksons Body shop
  • Thornhill Cres
  • Fleurs Cres/Drive
  • MacDonald Drive to Anderson Cres and finish

Monday 21 Dec

  • 5:45 Start rear Forres Mechanics
  • Bogton Rd
  • Leading to
  • Croft rd
  • Doune park
  • Move to Drumduan rd
  • Drumduan Park
  • Forbeshill 
  • White rd
  • Argentier rd
  • Birkenhillock
  • Earlsland crescent
  • Finish at circuit around Highfield

Tuesday 22 December

5:45 Start Garrow Bros
Along Sanquhar rd to Woodside Dr
Return to 
Alexandra Terrace
Nelson Rd
St Leonard’s Drive/Court
Move to Adam Drive 
Brewster Drive Finish

Santa is planning ti park his sleigh Tesco car on Wednesday between 10am and 4pm, but this is still to be confirmed

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