Timber festival celebrates all things wood at Logie Steading

A festival about wood will likely become an annual fixture after the inaugural event was hailed a huge success.

Logie Timber Festival was the official launch party for Logie Timber, a new sawmill set up on the Logie Estate, and was held on Saturday and Sunday last weekend at Logie Steading.

The festival drew in crowds of hundreds from all over the area, and organisers say it was so popular, they are intending to hold another next year and make it an annual fixture.

The festival was a showcase of all things related to wood, including displays of traditional woodworking techniques from green woodworkers as well as the very latest timber lorry technology with a crane operated using a virtual reality headset.

Logie Timber partner Mark Councill said “We’re looking forward to next year already.

“The weekend’s been a great success. Sunday particularly was better because of the weather. We’re keen to do anther one next year and hopefully continue year after year. A lot of people have expressed an interest in displaying next year as well.”

Logie Timber is a partnership between Mark Councill and Alec Laing and the sawmill operates from the Logie Estate.

The festival was also an opportunity for Logie Timber to open a new showroom at the Steading called The Boardroom and this will act as a shopfront for the sawmill.

This is a room in the old Motor House is filled with timber suitable for furniture, mantlepieces, cladding, fencing, table tops, turning blanks and offcuts, and according to the owners, it’s worth a visit for the smell alone!

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