Sparklers are an ‘accident waiting to happen’ says fireworks organisers

Organisers of an event which attracts thousands of people to Grant Park are asking for help to keep the space safe for everyone who uses it.

The annual bonfire and fireworks display, which will be held this year on 2 November, attracts thousands of people to the spectacular display of pyrotechnics.

But the Rotary Club of Forres, which organises the event every year says one thing that blights the event every year is spent sparklers thrown on the ground where young children and animals play the very next day. 

The club is asking parents to leave sparklers at home to reduce the risk of injuries. 

Rotarian Carlo Miele said: “The event is a great success every year and we want people to have fun, but discarded sparklers are an accident waiting to happen.

Metal spikes in the playground

“Once dropped on the ground, they are just metal spikes in a playground.

“Grant Park is used the day after by more than a hundred young children from Soccer 7s, as well as people using the park to walk their dogs. It’s a public space, and it’s a safe place.

“Our message to people is to have fun and think about the other people who use the park. Don’t bring sparklers. There’s plenty of flashing lights and neon toys people can buy on the night, so we’re not saying you can’t enjoy yourself, but we just don’t want to see anyone end up in hospital through carelessness.”

To drive the message home, local schoolchildren will be asked to design a poster that highlights what can happen when sparklers are dropped on the ground. The winner will receive a £25 prize and see their poster put up around the town.

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