Giant metal sculpture at Edinkillie is a pleasant surprise for drivers and walkers

Drivers heading out over the Dava Moor and walkers on the Dava Way are being greeted by a giant sculpture which has appeared outside Edinkillie Hall, where the Dava Way meets the road.

He is the work of local artist Lucas Dew, who lives nearby, and crafted the metal giant out of old tools, car and tractor parts, gas bottles, nuts, bolts and general scrap.

The sight is much to the delight of passers-by who have been stopping at the Edinkillie Hall to get a giant selfie. The car park here also acts as a starting point for joining the Dava Way, so he gets seen by walkers and drivers alike.

The 9-foot-3 replica from the classic film Iron Giant is for sale for £15,000, but Lucas says he’s not in a hurry to see him go, he just wants people to see him.

Lucas said: “The feedback has been brilliant. This beast has been in my shed for a couple of years now and I have finally dragged him out the door to catch some sun and free my shed up.

“It’s really great to see all the love the iron giant is getting now he is on show on the road. I should have put him there sooner! People are stopping to see what it is and taking pics with him.

“He weighs around a tonne and is tricky to move about but when he’s in his spot he’s happy.”

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