Forres footbridge protest marks the start of a month of rebellion across the UK

A group of climate change activists marked the start of a month of UK-wide protests in Forres, by stretching a sign over the main Inverness to Aberdeen road.

The August Rebellion is designed to raise awareness of the incompatibility between fossil fuel investments and declarations to tackle the climate emergency, already recognised by Moray Council and wider Scottish Government.

Local Extinction Rebellion group XR Forres attached banners stating ‘No Future for Fossil Fuels’ and ‘Tell The Truth’ to the A96 footbridge in Forres where thousands of vehicles pass every day.

A spokesperson from XR Forres said: “The banner is designed to bring attention to the multi-billion pound investments that still support the fossil fuel industry, both from banks and local government. The choice is simple, we either plan an end fossil fuel investments to put a halt to massive emissions and pollution, or we threaten life on earth, being faced with mass extinction and irreparable damage to every part of our shared lives. Climate Scientists have made it clear that there is no future where investment in the growth of the fossil fuel industry is compatible with a sustainable future for life on earth. It’s literally life or death.

“Although XR Forres recognise the role of fossil fuel industry in providing jobs locally we believe if major fossil companies were serious about the climate science behind their emissions they would plan to end fossil fuel exploration and invest fully in a green recovery and a just transition to clean energy and green jobs rather than continuing their exploration and extraction of dirty fossil fuels; until this is the case XR Forres will continue to campaign for banks and local government to stop funding these polluters that directly threaten our common future.

“We cannot stand by and watch as scientists speak of mass extinction. We must act, for our common future. It is time to put people before profits.

“The science is clear, without dramatic action from government and private businesses, the worst consequences of the climate crisis will be felt around the world; threatening food security, extreme weather events and poses an unparalleled global threat to life.

“The climate crisis is the biggest health emergency the earth has ever faced and we are cannot allow the fossil fuel companies to put profits over peoples.”

Thousands of vehicles pass under the bridge where XR Forres display their protest messages. Pic: Marc Hindley
Thousands of vehicles pass under the bridge where XR Forres display their protest messages. Pic: Marc Hindley

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