Decorations light up Twinning Link home once again – and all for a good cause!

Pauline Stewart’s festive decorations need little introduction, and they’re best described in pictures, which can be found on this page.

Pauline and her family spend considerable time preparing her house for the festive season and it opened to the public today (1 December).

With many new additions, there are literally thousands of lights surrounding the property at 48 Twinning Link in Forres.

The illuminations are largely powered by rechargeable and solar batteries, and attract hundreds of people.

It’s a family affair and everyone joins in to help prepare the house for its December opening, with eldest daughter Kathleen climbing onto the roof to hook up the lights. A new feature this year is an almost-complete full-size Dalek, which can be operated from inside!

Pauline says: “I do it to see the smiles on all the kids’ faces.” She asked if we visit many houses like this. Er, no!

The lights are on between 4pm and 7pm every night till 4 January.

Pauline’s Halloween Display which raised £507.01 for MFR ash for Kids, and donations for this display will also go to the same charity.

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