Yobs vandalise peaceful pavilion overlooking Findhorn Bay

Spencer Julian
Spencer Julian monitors the damage caused on Saturday over the Easter weekend.

A quiet pavilion overlooking a local nature reserve has been damaged by mindless vandals.

The wooden building on the south-east shore of Findhorn Bay had a wall forcefully kicked in, several chairs destroyed and a picnic table damaged.

Litter strewn around the area included broken glass bottles, empty drinks cans and discarded snack packets.

Spencer Julian, who helped build the hut, cleared up the rubbish and put up notices to warn people of the broken glass, and has reported the damage to the police.

Spencer, who is a member of the Friends of Findhorn Bay, said it was sickening to see the vandalism.

“We use this to sit down on a Saturday morning to enjoy our breakfast club which we have throughout the whole of the year, but it’s open for anyone to use. It’s a community facility.”

Spencer is hoping that publishing pictures of the damage might help identify the culprits.

Anyone with information should call the police on 101 with incident number 1765.

The culprits left a trail of empty and broken alcohol bottles and cans
Damage was caused to the pavilion, chairs and tables
Aluminium chairs were completely ruined
A sign warning peole of broken glass has been put up