Traffic lights finally installed at Forres road junction

The wait is over… new traffic lights have been installed at the junction of Orchard Road, St Catherine’s Road and Thornhill Road, bringing an end to worries about pedestrian safety.

The lights were expected to be operational last year after the road and pavement were aligned to accommodate the new layout. Traffic lights were agreed after the council cut lollipop patrols in the town.

However, delays in sourcing equipment left the junction without lights.

Earlier this month, a council spokesperson told us:  “The traffic lights at Orchard Road/St Catherine’s Road/Thornhill Road have been prepared for the signal installation. We are still awaiting delivery of some equipment and work will be carried out once it arrives.”

That day has now come, but we have no word on when the lights will be switched on!

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1 thought on “Traffic lights finally installed at Forres road junction”

  1. New traffic lights at bottom of Orchard Road, utter chaos, creating long tailbacks and junction blockages. Much better without. Bring back the lollipop lady.


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