Meeting will address anti-social behaviour in Forres

A meeting on anti-social behaviour in Forres will take place on Friday 25 January in Forres Town Hall at 2 pm.

MP Douglas Ross, who will convene the meeting, said: “I’ve been struck by the number of people in Forres who have contacted me with their concerns about anti-social behaviour. Sometimes the people who have spoken to me have been affected themselves while others have been in touch because they are worried about friends, neighbours or, quite often, elderly relatives. Drugs seem to be involved in many cases and at other times it can simply be thoughtless behaviour such as leaving dogs outside barking.

“I have therefore invited representatives from Police Scotland, the Fire Service and Moray Council to join me so that we can discuss these issues together with concerned members of the local community. Everyone is welcome to come along because I think it’s important that, as a community, we can understand the nature of the problem and what the authorities can do to address it.

“Although Forres is, on the whole, a safe town, nevertheless there are too many people whose lives are blighted by the unacceptable behaviour of other residents. I am particularly concerned by the impact of bad behaviour on vulnerable people, particularly the elderly, who may be living alone. I have even had residents, who have lived in their houses in Forres for decades, saying they are seriously thinking about moving because of this issue.

“This meeting is being held on an afternoon as most of the complaints have come from elderly residents and an evening meeting in January could mean fewer people attending because of the weather.”

The issue has also been discussed by members of Forres Community Council who are to host the meeting.

The Secretary of Forres Community Council, Eleanor Hayward, welcomed the meeting. She said: “I know people who are badly affected and am pleased that these issues will be aired in public. I think it will be a comfort to the people concerned that there is this concern for their welfare. I look forward to a constructive discussion and a better understanding of the causes that lie behind these problems.”

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