Leanchoil survey aims to assess housing and wellbeing needs in Forres

The charity Rural Housing Scotland is conducting a housing needs survey, on
behalf of The Leanchoil Trust, in order to understand the housing and related
wellbeing issues affecting people aged over 50 or those with additional
needs, in the Forres area.

The questionnaire is anonymous, so you don’t have to enter any personal
data. It contains 14 easy-to-answer questions and should not take
long to complete. The results will be published on the Rural Housing
Scotland website and a public meeting will be held once responses are in to
share the findings.

The survey is interested in establishing the challenges of your current home,
what matters to you most about your home and what kind of home you
would like.

Derek Logie, Chief Executive of Rural Housing Scotland, explains: “We
would really appreciate residents of the Forres area taking the time to
complete this short survey. This will help us gather important information
which will be used to guide the future development of housing in the area.”

This is an online survey which can be found on the Rural Housing Scotland website at https://

Alternatively, you can access the survey by scanning the QR code with your smartphone and following the link.

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