Eco-village could provide a place to live and work for homeless


A former military man who found himself suddenly homeless after the break-up of a relationship has revealed a vision to build a village of low-cost accommodation near Forres.

Robert Law stayed in the Royal Hotel for eight weeks when he separated from his partner, and he said this, combined with the arduous conditions he endured in the Gulf, gave him the idea.

Robert says he wants to build eco-friendly, glamping-style accommodation that helps homeless people gain independence, maintain social acceptance and provide work.

“Everyone deserves a roof over their head. Where the Royal has helped considerably, I want to take that one step further and create individuality rather than communal living, which will give people the ability to fend for themselves and stand on their own two feet.”

He said similar projects, such as the Cass Communiity Project in Detroit, USA and Social Bite in Edinburgh, are doing exactly what he thinks can be done in Moray, where homelessness is still an issue.

“I want to take elements of that, recreate it, twist it slightly, and bring that into Moray.”

Robert has started a fundraising campaign to raise £500,000, which will give him the abilty to buy land and start building the village.

Robert said the scheme would have two aspects, social and commercial, meaning that it could also serve as holiday accommodation and provide homeless people with work and a sense of wellbeing.

Robert is looking for donations, commercial support and sponsorship to raise awareness of his project, and said that it can still go ahead even if he doesn’t reach his financial target.