Grant Park visitors go thirsty as Scottish Water wait for a gap in the roadworks diary

The water fountain in Grant Park has been switched off just weeks after being installed.

The bright blue fountain that gained hundreds of reactions when we posted news of its arrival on our Facebook Group, is now wearing a similarly bright blue waterproof, after damage to an underground connection was discovered by Scottish Water.

The water company need to dig up the road, but to avoid road chaos in the town, they’re waiting for the right time to start their repairs, due to other roadworks currently going on.

Scottish Water have been putting similar public drinking water fountains in towns all over the north-east including Forres, Elgin, Lossiemouth and Nairn. The Forres fountain was put in this summer next to the sunken gardens on Grant Park.

It was rumoured that it had been vandalised after the cover appeared over it. However, Scottish Water have confirmed that this is not the case.

A spokesperson for water company said: “The top-up tap located in Grant Park has temporarily been removed from service. This is not vandalism-related. There is a damaged connection to a fragile section of the water main and to resolve this we need to access the carriageway. However there are other utilities with works planned in the area, so we’re co-ordinating around these to minimise any potential disruption.”

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