Flooring specialist preparing to welcome home improvers at new Forres showroom

A Forres businessman has revealed that being closed for the pandemic has given him time to think about how to pivot his business model and will come out of lockdown with new premises, a new range and an increased workforce.

Mike Duff who owns MRD Design Floors is moving from the Greshop Industrial Estate to new premises beside the Co-op at Knockomie. Two units were built in addition to the foodstore and MRD will occupy both of them.

Mike, who has 30 years of experience in the flooring trade, has been running business since 2004, when he left his employer to pursue his dreams of starting up on his own. He now employs five full-time staff., and is hoping to take on more people once he is back up and trading at full speed again.

He said: “We have been at the Greshop for just going on six years now, which we outgrew really after the first three!

“I’ve been looking to expand for past couple of years, but nothing big enough offered itself. And I also wanted to keep Forres as a main base as it’s my home town.”

Location, location, location

He explained the new premises are much larger, with a great glass frontage and he believes the location has a better appeal for customers.

He said as well as a huge range of flooring, they will be offering home furnishings, such as sofas, beds, tables and chairs, as well as candles, mirrors, lamps etc.

And Mike is inviting local artists and creators who would like to display their artwork in-store to get in touch.

“Lockdown has definitely tied our hands to a big extent by closing all non-essential retail shops, but it has given me great insight on how to pivot my business model and to carry on with my expansion plans. We even managed to add another member to our installation team!”

“I think people will be wanting to get back to some form of normality as soon as lockdown is lifted, and imagine everyone will have been fed up stuck at home staring at the tired walls and floors and planning new furniture and flooring replacements.

“So keep your eyes open as there will be plenty of great deals post lockdown in-store for everyone to enjoy!”

MRD Design Floors plan to open as soon as non-essential shops get the go-ahead.

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