Rescuers issue tide warning after two call-outs in two days

The operations manager of a rescue organisation has asked people to be aware of their surroundings and the capability of the sea after it was called out twice in two days.

MIRO (Moray Inshore Rescue Organisation) was called out at 4:19pm on Saturday (30 May) to the Old Bar at Nairn where two people were stranded by the incoming tide.

MIRO Rescue was launched with three crew members and found the casualties and their dog. All three were found to be safe and well and were taken onboard MIRO Rescue and taken to Nairn harbour, where they were met by Nairn Coastguard.

The next day (Sunday 31 May) MIRO were paged by Aberdeen Coatguard at 6:34pm to return to the Old Bar at Nairn following the report of two people cut off by the tide.  The crew assembled and were ready to launch when they were stood down following information that the casualties had managed to safely get back to the shore.

MIRO Operations Manager, Peter Mackenzie said: “Our weekly crew training has been suspended since the start of lockdown as we are unable to socially distance in the rescue boat. However, our crew have been ready to respond should MIRO be tasked to assist in an emergency situation. This call out has come hot on the heels of lockdown restrictions being relaxed. ”

“Wherever you go along our beautiful coast, you should always be aware of your surroundings and the capability of the sea. Find out the times of the tide prior to walking on sandbanks, so that you are safe and can return safely. The incoming tide can move very quickly and often catches people out, so ensure that your return route doesn’t get cut off.”

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