Bodkin Ras returns to Forres before cinema release

A film which put Forres on the world stage is being shown in the town before it’s UK cinema release.

And the free seats on offer at the Town Hall are already booked up.

Bodkin Ras was set in the town during the summer of 2015, and tells the story of a man who arrives in Forres while on the run.

It is a dark Scottish thriller directed by Kaweh Modiri about a young fugitive who arrives in a remote Scottish town for a fresh start. The film is a mix of documentary and fiction where the real stories of the town’s inhabitants are as fascinating as that of the only acted character – Bodkin.

It is Kaweh Modiri’s first feature and won awards at film festivals in The Netherlands, Warsaw, California, London and Istanbul. It will go into UK cinemas in 2019.

Forres characters

Modiri and his crew built up relationships with key personalities within the town of Forres and the majority of characters in the film are residents of the town, playing themselves. The result is a hauntingly honest and open insight into the lives of the Forres residents.

The only acted character in the film is Bodkin Ras, played by the director’s childhood friend Sohrab Bayat. Bodkin arrives in the town on the run, and the film explores the reactions of the real inhabitants of the town towards the arrival of the mysterious incomer. This blurring of documentary and fiction creates an unusual and unnerving cinematic experience.

Kaweh Modiri, said the film deals with social issues that are highly relevant to the current state of affairs in Scotland.

“I am very excited about showing the film in Forres to its home audience. I will be present for the screening together with a part of the cast and crew.”

Coming home

Sohrab Bayat, the actor who played Bodkin, added: “It really feels as if the film is coming home. I’m very happy to be with all the beautiful people again whose lives, faces and stories have touched the hearts of thousands of people around the world since it’s initial release”

And Forres man Eddie Paton, who played himself in the film said: “It’s about time it came back to Forres! I can’t wait for everyone here to see the film. The film has helped me lot, but more importantly, it’s a message to the public. I hope that when they do see it, they see the life that’s in it.”

The screening will take place at Forres Town Hall at 7.30pm on Saturday 1st December. Members of the cast and crew, including Modiri and Bayat, will be in attendance, and will take part in a Q&A after the film, before joining guests for a celebratory pint in a local pub.

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