Youngsters make roadside plea for traffic to slow down after near miss

Two youngsters who live on a farm and cross the road daily to tend to their lambs have issued a warning to motorists to slow down, after being frightened by a near miss.

Aila and Tilly Gibson were walking with their mum Fiona to feed sheep in one of their fields near Dallas when a vehicle she claims was travelling ‘far too fast’ nearly crashed into a car, and them, as they stood at the roadside.

Edinvale Farm is situated on the B9010 between Rafford and Dallas, and has fields on both sides of the road. The farm is run by Fiona and husband Jock and they also own Macbeths Butchers in Tolbooth Street.

Fiona said: “The road is narrow and there are a couple of bends which are difficult to see round.

“We had a really dangerous incident recently where a white van was going far too fast past our farm and nearly crashed into an oncoming car and the girls.

“They literally just have to cross the road at the bottom of the drive. Everyone was pretty shaken but to try and change things Aila and Tilly have made these signs to ask people to slow down when driving past Edinvale to allow them to visit their sheep safely.

“They made the sign out of lids from mineral buckets for the cows. They were spray painted white and then painted on top of that.”

She added that all motorists have a duty to use country roads responsibly.

“Often there can be livestock on roads, tractors coming out of hidden entrances and people out walking so please just slow down and be aware,” she said.

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