Young quizmasters invited to present MFR music quiz with Dan and Grace

A young brother and sister from Forres who have been helping their publican dad raise thousands of pounds for charity have been invited to join prime time DJs on MFR, who said their amazing confidence made them ‘presenters in the making’.

Leo and Frankie Brailsford, son and daughter of Gordon and Melissa from the Mosset Tavern, have each been helping to present the ‘social distancing quiz’ which takes place every Tuesday at the Brailsfords’ home since lockdown forced them to close their pub at the end of March.

And now they’ve been asked to present the music quiz on the popular breakfast show ‘Dan and Grace in the Morning’ by presenters Dan Gilchrist and Grace Nicoll.

Facebook Live

When the Government closed all pubs in the UK to slow the spread of coronavirus, Gordon took to Facebook Live to carry on one of the tavern’s most popular weekly events, and it was an instant hit with more the 500 people joining in every week. He asked people to donate to a good cause in place of their normal entry fee and chose MFR Cash For Kids as the recipient.

Leo (11) and Frankie (7) take a turn each and research their own questions in the seven-round quiz.

Gordon said he hopes the radio spot on Tuesday will boost the charity fund to tip the balance over the target £10,000. It’s currently sitting at £9299.

He said: “It’s made lockdown so much more enjoyable and it’s something we’ve all been able to do together as a family. Nothing seems to phase them so they will be great on the radio!

Dan and Grace said Frankie and Leo are ‘presenters in the making’

Grace said they decided to ask them to do the quiz on the radio because their amazing energy on the Mosset quiz.

“The work they are doing to raise money for Cash for Kids is amazing, as is the confidence from both of them in front of the camera in front of the hundreds watching! Dan and I best watch out! Some presenters in the making!

“Maybe one day when things go back to normal we will be able to give them a tour and have them in properly when everything goes back to normal.”


Frankie said: “We are proud of ourselves for raising so much money and it’s good to make people happy.”

Leo added: “We are super happy to be helping MFR Cash For Kids and want to help as much as we can. Writing the questions is fun and I try not to make it too hard. I’m so excited about being on the radio.”

Tune in the MFR at 8:10am to hear Frankie and Leo on MFR.

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