Walking family back in Forres to start Moray Coast Trail

A family who are walking nearly 2000 miles around Scotland to raise money and awareness for autism, are back in Forres for a second time.

Eight-year-old Eve Alderman, and parents Ian and Sarah arrived in Forres yesterday, to start the Moray Coast Trail. It’s just one of the 29 trails they’re walking in a year to raise money for Scottish Autism. They were last in Forres a few months ago when they finished the Dava Way.

Ian wrote: “Arriving in Forres at the start of the Moray Coast Trail felt incredible.”

“After a long drive, we parked up in a small car park behind the main street and started walking. The high street in Forres is pleasant but busy with traffic so we didn’t hang around for long, taking a few pictures before starting to follow the map!

“Eve was super keen to get going and had already been telling me with little whispers that she wanted to beat mummy to the campsite or at the very least surprise her.

“It felt wonderful to be back out hiking and Eve was definitely in her element as I struggled to keep up with her and her constant stream of excitable talking! It was lovely and we walked hand-in-hand for most of the day.

Ian said that most people start the trail in Findhorn and totally miss out the section from Forres: “We, being ‘purists’, started at the beginning and just sucked up the few miles of road walking.

He described some of the highlights of the ‘road walk’:

“As we walked we passed a few houses and a very noisy and angry looking dog that Eve still thought looked cute!

“The road was long and straight passing numerous runners and the army base for 39 Engineer Squadron.

“A large(ish) campervan pulled in just in front of us and stopped. A lady jumped out and walked towards us with a huge smile on her face.

“She recognised us and stopped to give us a £20 donation for Scottish Autism. Thank you so much!”

Ian and Eve walked five miles on their first day, and the trio spent the night in a tent at Findhorn. Today they are heading through Roseisle to Burghead.

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