Accommodation in the Forres area

Whether you’re planning a business trip, a relaxing weekend break or a longer holiday in Forres you’ll be looking for the perfect accommodation for your short break or holiday.

We have more accommodation providers listed than any other directory, including, Airbnb, Tripadvisor and Expedia.

See Visit Forres for a full list of accommodation providers and things to see and do in the Forres area.

towels on hotel bed

The Forres area offers all types of accommodation to suit all budgets and needs, withe several hotels from basic to luxury.

If self-catering is more your thing, there is more of this than anything else.

There are also B&B’s, guest houses, glamping, camping, pods and caravan parks within a 10 min drive from the centre of Forres.

Camping on the Moray Coast