The spookiest house in Forres raises the hairs on the back of your neck… and cash for kids

When the sun sets in Twinning Link, there’s something strange… in the neighbourhood.

As the lights go on at Number 48, there’s an eery glow over that part of Forres now the October nights are drawing in.

Pauline Stewart and her family challenge themselves every year to create a bigger and better display for Halloween.

And this year’s new kid on the block is a 3m white spook guarding the entrance.

And when we visited, it certainly seems there’s a lot more new decorations than last year.

Not least the full size Dalek, carefully crafted by Pauline’s husband and son. Not quite ready to exterminate, but a dead ringer for the Dr Who favourite.

This is a family affair. Daughter Kathleen is the steeplejack, scaling the roof to attach strings of lights that can probably be seen from space. And Abbie Rose, who makes the cakes.

Each year, Pauline and family create this spectacle, not just for the love of seeing the joy on local children’s faces, but the display also raises money for MFR Cash for Kids at this event and Christmas.

Asked about the energy costs, Pauline says most of the decorations are powered by solar panels or rechargeable batteries.

The lights are on from 5pm till 8pm every night between now and Halloween, and there’s a raffle on Saturday, Sunday and Halloween night between 4pm and 7pm.

All money goes to MFR Cash for Kids.

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