Support needed – literally – for Town Hall refurb as workers uncover ‘rotten’ beam

Forres Area Community Trust has launched an urgent appeal to townsfolk to help them quickly raise £20,000 to pay for unforeseen work in the redevelopment of the Town Hall.

Builders working on the refurbishment of the building have found a beam that doesn’t have the strength needed to support the structural work, and needs to be replaced.

The funds allocated for the redevelopment work didn’t account for this and so the trust needs to find an extra £20,000, and has set up a crowdfunding campaign, which has already raised more than £2000 from locals.

A FACT spokesperson said: “We have found that structural supports need major repair or replacement and this was not anticipated in Phase 1 of the Town Hall Redevelopment Project despite significant survey work being completed before the start of this Phase.

“We will need more than £20,000 as quickly as possible to help repair or replace a beam that is rotten and to add extra supporting columns to hold the beam securely in place. If there are any funds left over after paying for this additional work to be completed, then we will put them towards the next Phase of the Development Project which we anticipate being the repair or replacement of the single glazed windows. “

The trust want to raise the money in the fastest way possible so it can continue with the building work

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