Spring Trail highlights beauty of Forres

We all know a walk in the woods is good for the soul, and as spring starts to herald longer, nicer, and warmer days, getting out for some Vitamin D becomes more and more appealing.

Not forgetting of course that, just in time for Easter, the government has said we no longer have to stay at home.

But there are even more incentives, as spring emerges from a wintery palette to bring us new, vibrant colours and hope for the year ahead, so what better time to get out and fill your lungs with fresh Forres air.

The Forres Heritage Trust has even made the trek up to Nelson’s Tower a little more interesting for the youngsters with a photo trail that winds to the top of Cluny Hill. Can you spot all eight pictures of daffodils (clue below) as you head for the highest point in the town?

Of course, the tower isn’t open at the moment, but the walk is worth it, the air is clear and the views are stunning.

We did the walk and went the long way round and we took some pictures to brighten up your Easter.

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