We asked all six election nominees what is their promise to the people of Forres

With just three days to go till the council elections, we asked the nominees for the Forres ward what their promise is to the people of Forres. We gave them 150 words to put their point across. There are four seats in Ward 8 and all six candidates have responded below. We’ve posted them in alphabetical (surname) order, and we haven’t edited them in any way.

Dræyk van der Hørn

Draeyk van der Horn

My promise: Access to good food, I have 20 years of experience developing community food networks, cheffing and farming. We all eat! How do we access, share, cook and grow our food? Food is life and what I see are opportunities, be it environmental, educational, jobs, health, transport, or indeed empowered leadership in the community.

My promise: Let’s revitalise our streetscape and make use of vacant shops and offices by creating “hubs” or pop up spaces of learning, skill sharing and workshops. As venues for films, why not have shopfronts for makers of art, craft and produce. Places for young people to get skills, socialise, and start-up businesses. Why let our high street wither when they can be nourished! These high street hubs can also be supplemented by micro-hubs in schools and colleges, but let’s ask young people, youth assemblies could be part of this community wide, nurturing approach.

James Hynam

I first got involved with local activism a few years ago, when I was appalled by the Council’s plans to scrap school lollipop crossing patrols. Like most local parents, I’m hugely concerned by the shocking decline in attainment in Moray’s schools. Every parent I know wants councillors who will stop bickering and start working together to solve these problems.

As a healthcare worker, I am acutely aware of the inadequacies of care in the community. Local maternity services still haven’t been restored to Dr Gray’s.

Forres High Street has been disproportionately hit in recent years, both by Covid and the withdrawal of all major bank branches. I want to fight for urgent action to reverse this decline, including a potential Forres BID.

I am a new candidate with new ideas, which, I believe, reflect the concerns of the community.

Scott Lawrence

Scott Lawrence

I look forward to the opportunity to Stand as a Forres Councillor. I have recently became self employed after 24 years as a Forres postie so now I have the time, the will, and the Life experience to take on the responsibility of representing my home town.

If elected I would look to represent all the people who live within the community. I am part of a family where there are two self employed, full time working parents and am aware of the constraints this has on all aspects of life. My aim is not only to listen to those who already contribute locally but also be a voice for those whom are unable to at present.  Preserving the local services that are vital to life in Forres will be a priority whilst also looking at ways to bring together people of all ages to contribute to our local community.

Paul McBain

Paul McBain

My promise is that i will work relentlessly for the people in Forres,

This will be my full-time commitment to the people of Forres, 

I will ensure my voice is heard on behalf of the people of Forres,

I have 5 priorities if elected.

Education, Health and Social Care, Environment, Recovery from the pandemicand Infrastructure.

These priorities are well documented on my leaflets and more available on our “Vision for Moray” or Manifesto as often referred to.I have worked in the Retail Sector all my working life and within that service came the Post Office and the past fifteen years in Forres High Street. Supporting colleague in a Regional and National levels always looking for an improved position for colleague and better environment on our Streets.

I am no politician but i am a Conservative voter, a husband of 39 years, Father of 4 grown up Children and Grandfather also of 4. If elected, I will work with all elected members in Forres and in Moray to ensure the voice of Forres is heard and that my family like your family have an area to be proud of.

Shaun Moat

Shaun Moat

I am standing as the only independent candidate for Forres and want to stand up for local issues and not be told by political parties that I need to vote on this and that because it’s the parties’ manifesto. 

We have one of the worst attainment levels in Scotland and a academy not fit for its purpose. If elected I want to work with all Forres Councillors to look at ways we can work with Head Teachers, Pupils and Parent to raise our attainment. I will also be pressing for a new academy to be built for Forres. I don’t feel we should be accepting a patch up of the current school.  Our youth have a lack of facilities and the proposed all-weather pitch, Outdoor gym and Skate Park are all key facilities to help our young people develop and I would support get these built for Forres.

Kathleen Robertson

Kathleen Robertson

My five priorities for the Forres Ward are:

1. Health and Social Care by ensuring a service that is tailored to individual needs and recovery beds promised are delivered

2. Raising education standards in attainment by providing more resources to our schools and providing pathways suitable for all young people 

3. Infrastructure – supporting local businesses through improved broadband, travel links and road safety and quality

4. Protecting our greenspaces and ensuring it is included in all future planning decisions 

5. Recovery from Pandemic – keeping local authority costs down so as not to impact further on struggling households

I am hard working, reliable and competent and want to ensure Forres is represented within the Council. I am willing to listen to the people of Forres and always have them at the centre of my decisions.

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