Shabby caravans will be ‘evicted’ from old supermarket car park

Moray Council has attached notices to these abandoned caravans in the old Tesco car park.

Two crumbling caravans that were left in a disused car park have been given 24 hours to find a new home… or be destroyed.

The pair of touring caravans have been seemingly abandoned in the car park on the site of the old Tesco, in Gordon Street, several weeks ago.

The notice

Moray Council today slapped a noticed on both tourers, giving the owner 24 hours to remove them or they will be removed and destroyed.

The notice says “Moray Council believes that this vehicle has been abandoned without lawful authority and is of the opinion that it is in such a condition that it ought to be destroyed.

“The council GIVES YOU NOTICE that unless the vehicle is removed within TWENTY FOUR HOURS from the date of this notice, it will remove the vehicle and arrange for its destruction.”

The notice is dated 12.50pm on 29 April 2019.

Marc Hindley
Author: Marc Hindley

Marc has worked as journalist and photographer all over Scotland. He also runs a PR and digital marketing agency Canary Dwarf. He has lived in Forres with his wife and three children since 2001.