Scotland’s five-tier system – what can we do in each level

Nicola Sturgeon has revealed Scotland will operate under a five-tier system if approved next week.

The two extra tiers compared to England’s three provides for greater flexibility at the top and bottom the scale, said the First Minister.

She described the introduction of a ‘level 0’ as ‘the closest to normality we can safely get to without more effective treatments for COVID or a vaccine against COVID’, and added that she didn’t envisage returning to a situation as severe as the first lockdown.

The levels are

Level 0

  • Eight people from three households can meet indoors, comparable to the relaxed measures we had in August.

Level 1

  • Six people from two households can meet indoors.

Level 2

  • No gatherings allowed in people’s homes.

Level 3

  • Most hospitality closed, but restaurants will be allowed to open partially.

Level 4

  • Non-essential shops must close.
  • NHS at risk of being overwhelmed.
  • Six people from two households can still meet outdoors
  • Government will try to keep manufacturing and construction industry operating

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