Bank of Scotland – are you listening?

Last week we heard the crushing news that the Bank of Scotland was closing in four months.

The TSB is shutting up shop next month. That will leave Forres with NO BANK in the town after July.

Feedback from the Bank of Scotland has suggested that customers aren’t that bothered. So we’re going to find out.

Forres Local is collecting names of people who ARE bothered. People who don’t want to see their last bank disappear. People who think the bank is wrong to leave our town.

And then there were none…

We’ve already seen the demise of the Clydesdale and the Royal Bank, the TSB is closing next month. Many people whoo have been victims of these closures have moved to the Bank of Scotland purely because it stayed in the town.

This last closure leaves the town with four aching gaps where banks used to be.

We understand that times change, and online banking is all the rage, but for the elderly, immobile and vulnerable, it’s creating difficulties.

It also creates difficulties for businesspeople who have cash to deposit and withdraw. Yes, they have the post office, but that only means longer queues and less flexibility.

‘Feedback was largely positive’

Our senior politicians will use our findings to put pressure on the bank to listen to the community.

Our local MP and MSP are both challenging the bank to reconsider. They told Richard Lochhead ‘feedback from their customers has been largely positive’.

Feedback from our article last week said the opposite. The bank DID say they would LISTEN to the local community, so this is our ONE AND ONLY CHANCE to get as many names as we can to send to the bank, to prove that their feedback is wrong.

Add your name to the list by filling in the form below. Then send the link to as many people as you can. You can’t vote twice and once voted, this page will show you the current status of the campaign.