Santa’s plea for helpers to meet ‘elf and safety’ standards

Santa Claus has sent out a plea for some help when he lands in Forres next week to keep the ‘elf and safety’ people off his back.

The Rotary Club of Forres has received a letter from the North Pole asking for any grown-ups (naughty or nice!) to come and help him from 4 December, when he drops into Forres to visit all the boys and girls of the town.

In the letter, Santa said: “I know my way around Forres, but the elf and safety department say I have to have people with me so I need a few more grown-ups on the nights I am in your lovely town, so they’ll let me come. I wouldn’t want to be stuck in Elgin or Nairn would I”

“I’m sure the good people of Forres will come forward.”

Local man Andy Wardley is organising Santa’s visit and, although he mysteriously disappears whenever Santa is around, he agreed the helpers are a vital part of keeping the big man safe while he’s in town.

Andy said: “Would you believe Santa’s sleigh isn’t ‘road-legal’! it’s not taxed and it doesn’t have an MOT! That’s why the Rotary Club lend him a trailer so he can park outside all the boys’ and girls’ houses and doesn’t get a ticket.”

“The Rotary Club will meet Santa at a secret location where they load it onto their trailer and he will start his tour immediately to make sure as many children as possible get a chance to see him on his pre-Christmas tour.

“We need a few people to walk with us just to make it safe for Santa and all the other road users. If Santa had an accident, boys and girls all over the world would be wondering where he had got to on Christmas night.”

Anyone who has a couple of hours to spare on the evenings between 6 December and 21 December, should email him on

Full details of Santa’s route will be published shortly.

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