Reunited: Bonnie, the 17-year-old lab, is back with her family after major public search

A missing dog which was found just before temperatures plunged below zero was today comfortably relaxing in front of a roaring fire.

Her owners have expressed their huge gratitude to the hundreds of people who helped in the search for Bonnie, a 17-year-old Golden labrador, who went missing in woodlands on the outskirts of Forres on Thursday.


Samantha Law, who works for the NHS, said “I couldn’t believe how many turned out to search. We had people with thermal imaging cameras and drones, people out on their daily runs, others bringing their own dogs, and many people I didn’t even know! We just can’t thank people enough for giving up their time to help.”

Samantha’s husband reported Bonnie missing to the police and to Moray Coast Vets.

“The vets were amazing, they knew just what to do. They shared the photo on their Facebook page, and when I went to start my search on Friday, the car park was already full.

“There is just such an amazing community spirit in Forres.”

Bonnie went missing on a walk in Council Wood at around 11am on Thursday, and despite extensive searches nearby, there was no sighting.

The posts on Moray Coast Vets and Forres Local Facebook pages were shared more than 1000 times and people continued to search through the woods and through the undergrowth.


After two days, Bonnie was finally located across the road, near the flood alleviation scheme entrance, a bit dehydrated and weak, but otherwise well. She was taken to the vet and stayed in for checks, and is now back in the family home.

Bonnie is pictured here with Samantha’s son Hayden Roberston, who is 18 and has grown up with her.

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