Ramnee Hotel to focus on wedding market under new ownership

After more than three decades in the same family, The Ramnee Hotel in Forres is under new ownership.

New owners SC Hospitality Group Ltd promise to breathe new life into the well-known, local hotel, and attract new business from the wedding market.

The Ramnee Hotel has been owned by the same family for 32 years, but following its acquisition, SC Hospitality aims to modernise the hotel, streamlining its booking, feedback and food and drink ordering processes through the use of smart technology, while retaining its history and charm.

The experienced hotel group aims to position the Ramnee Hotel not only as an overnight destination but as a go-to place for food, drinks, entertainment and events, particularly weddings, as they identify its potential to fill a gap in the market in Forres.

Wedding market

In the months ahead, they will direct efforts into establishing the Ramnee Hotel in the wedding venue market, as they aim to capitalise on its timeless Edwardian décor and stunning backdrop.

A spokesman for SC Hospitality Group said: “We immediately saw the Ramnee Hotel’s potential due to its strong links with the town. A big focus for us will be to modernise the hotel’s systems and promote the hotel as a go-to destination for high-quality food and drink – we’ve already introduced larger spirit measures and an excellent menu for the local community to enjoy. We also plan to establish the hotel and the area of Forres as a prime destination in the wedding market. We are extremely grateful for the guidance and support from Royal Bank of Scotland throughout the process.

“We look forward to continuing to diversify the Ramnee Hotel’s offering as well as supporting and providing the local community of Forres with a fantastic hotel and restaurant destination they can use and be proud of.”

Michelle Anderson, Relationship Manager at Royal Bank of Scotland, said: “SC Hospitality has seen a great opportunity which has the potential to increase visitors to Forres. Their ambition and shared vision have been key to their success over the years, which is complimented by their differing areas of expertise. The latest upgrades and investment will ensure the Ramnee becomes a premier destination venue. We wish them continued success.”

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