Two charged after police clampdown in Forres

Police in Forres have been reacting to community concerns about anti-social behaviour and have launched a new operation to tackle these.

The first stage of the operation launched on Friday and ran through the weekend, targeting areas where anti-social behaviour and general nuisance calls have been reported.

They also carried out an increased number of checks on licensed premises to reassure licensees and their staff, as well as more speed checks in Forres and other local towns and villages.

As a result a woman aged 41 was charged in connection with alleged road traffic offences including drink driving and careless driving, while a 20-year-old man was also charged with allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol. 

Anti-social behaviour

Local Community Policing Team Inspector Keli McPhail said: “While Forres remains a very safe place to live in, visit and enjoy, we know that a small number of local residents have been worried about increasing levels of anti-social behaviour.

“With their help and using the valuable information and intelligence they are providing to us we will be targeting specific areas in Forres and the surrounding towns and villages moving forward, ultimately working smarter and often alongside our partners to reduce anti-social behaviour, nuisance calls and concerns about drugs, excessive alcohol use and violence.

“We will also be working with our partners to develop innovative ways of diverting young people in particular from becoming involved in criminality.

“During the initial phase of our operation several individuals were stopped and where appropriate some were searched for drugs or other potential illegal items. There were also many people who positively engaged with our officers which was pleasing to see. 

“Anti-social behaviour in any form will not be tolerated and I want you to know that your concerns have been taken seriously and that our activity will not stop.”

Pilmuir bikers

Officers also targeted areas like Pilmuir where reports have been received of people illegally using off-road motorcycles to cause significant annoyance to local residents. 

Inspector McPhail added: “The riders are often youngsters who lack the appropriate helmets or safety clothing to keep them safe. A crash even at a low speed could have dire consequences while there are also a number of offences they could end up committing. I would therefore ask riders themselves and parents or carers of young people who are using bikes to be aware of the dangers and the fact that action could be taken and their motorcycle seized. 

“Ultimately it is a hobby that can be enjoyed safely and in the right place – but the fields at Pilmuir are not.” 

Inspector McPhail and her team are encouraging people living in Forres and the surrounding area to continue to contact the Police on 101 with concerns or through Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 to remain anonymous.

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