Petition to re-open Falconer Museum gathers pace

Falconer Museum, Forres
Falconer Museum, Forres

A petition set up to put pressure on Moray Council to re-open the Falconer Museum in 2020 is gathering pace as more than 600 of the 1000 people targeted have signed it.

The council withdrew its funding for the museum in its annual budget cuts earlier this year, and the facility closed on October 31, despite attempts to find a way forward.

Zoe Archer, who started the petition on, said: “We are petitioning Moray Council to re-open the museum for the new season in April 2020.

“Opened in 1871, The Falconer Museum collection now contains over 50 thousand objects of national and international importance. A Moray-wide service, fully-accredited and 5-star visitor attraction, the museum is at the heart of the community in Forres. It underpins the heritage of the whole district of Moray.

“Falconer was born in Forres in 1808. He became a world-famous palaeontologist, botanist and geologist. His work influenced his friend Darwin’s theory of evolution and his fossil mammals form the basis of the collection at the Natural History Museum in London.

“The museum works to inspire learning for all ages and is a vital, free, rich resource for Moray’s children.”

You can sign the petition at