Partnership formed to tackle flash flood hotspots in Forres

Moray Council and Scottish Water are working together to reduce drain floods in Forres, such as those seen during very heavy rainfall on Tuesday 27 July when parts of the drainage network became overwhelmed, causing some local roads to flood.

Under the Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009, Moray Council works in partnership with other responsible agencies to reduce flood risk.

As part of the first phase of the most recent Flood Risk Management Planning process Scottish Water undertook modelling of the drainage network in Forres. Moray Council will use the results of this, along with data it holds on historic flooding, to develop a new Surface Water Management Plan for Forres, in the next Cycle of the Flood Risk Management Planning process.

The next Cycle of the Flood Risk Management Planning process begins in 2022, however, analysis of the data that will inform the Surface Water Management Plan has already begun.

Areas at risk

Consultancy Manager for Moray Council, Debbie Halliday, said: “This plan will identify areas in Forres at risk of flooding, the flood mechanism and potential actions that can be taken to mitigate flooding.

“It should be noted that potential actions to mitigate flooding will be subject to an economic appraisal before funding can be secured.

“We seek, however, to reassure residents and business owners in Forres that meaningful work is going on to develop solutions to the long-standing issue of drainage flooding in the area.”

Working together

Grant Vanson of Scottish Water’s Flood Risk Management Team said:

“Very intense storm events of the kind that occurred in Forres last week put urban drainage systems, including road drains and the sewer network, under significant pressure. Very high volumes of rainfall in a very short period of time overwhelm the available pipes and storage capacity and unfortunately this results in flooding.

“The complex nature of flooding across Scotland, with different agencies responsible for different aspects of the sewerage and drainage systems in communities, means that a partnership approach is vital for reducing the risk of flooding.

“Scottish Water and Moray Council have been working together to understand the areas most affected and consider measures that can be introduced to reduce the surface water flood risk during these intense rainfall events. There are few easy options, but we are committed to working in partnership with the council to make progress.”

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