Pam starts 2019 Christmas appeal so ‘no child goes without a gift’

A Forres woman who has raised more than £8000 so that children don’t go without a present at Christmas is hoping the generosity of community will make this another record year.

Pamela Nicol Brown, who works at Grampian Property Centre in Forres, has started her 2019 appeal for toys and cash donations for the MFR Cash for Kids’ Mission Christmas campaign.

Last year, she raised a staggering £6000, which was made up of £2255 in cash and more than £4000 in donated gifts.

Pam explained: “In the first year I raised about £2000, so for 2018, I set myself the same target, however, I managed to raise over £6000.

“I think the generosity of the community goes such a long way.”

Pam started her appeal by buying a few toys herself to donate, then discovered that family and friends all wanted to chip in and help.

“I hate the thought of children less fortunate not having a parcel to open on Christmas Day, Christmas is a time of giving, joy and happiness and I believe it should be one of the happiest days of the year for children! Also, when they go to see friends or back to school, it will be so nice for them to be able to say what they have been given. It breaks my heart to think they would have had nothing, no parcel to open!”

Pam’s boss Keith Parrott has helped by making the Grampian Property Centre the local drop-off point for donations of gifts and cash.

“The majority of people have said, had I not done this, they probably would not get round to donating. This has made it easy for them.”

MFR Cash for Kids is a charity which helps disabled and disadvantaged children around the Highlands, Moray and Aberdeenshire. It gives thousands of pounds of grants to children’s charities, individuals and many other causes throughout the area.

All the money is raised locally and spent locally and goes to children and young people under 18 throughout the region, with mental, physical or sensory disabilities, with behavioural or psychological disorders, living in poverty or situations of deprivation, suffering through distress, abuse or neglect.

Pam accepts cash or gifts of any value at her place of work, Grampian Property Centre, High Street in Forres.

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