Over-18s in Moray to be fast-tracked for Covid vaccine following concerns of ‘uncontrolled transmission’

The NHS has mobilised its staff to accelerate vaccinations to everyone over 18 in Moray following concern of ‘uncontrolled transmission’ in the county.

Katrina Morrison, Clinical Lead Nurse for Covid-19 Vaccination Programme said: “Additional Covid-19 Pfizer vaccination stock and the concerning, uncontrolled, sustained community transmission of Covid-19 in Moray, has made this decision straightforward. It needs to happen quickly and our staff have been mobilised to speed up the process.“

All those aged 18-39 years in Moray who have not yet received their Covid-19 vaccination as part of the earlier priority cohort groups will be appointed from this Saturday (8 May). During the first few days, we will phone to offer appointments before moving to letter appointments from the middle of next week. You may not recognise the number or the number may be withheld. Check your voicemails regularly.”

Increased opening hours

The Fiona Elcock Vaccination Centre will have increased opening hours between 8am and 10pm with additional vaccination channels throughout the day.

This increased activity will not affect the existing appointments at this centre or the delivery of second doses and vaccination of those 40-49 years across Grampian. All those aged 40 years and over should already have an appointment or will receive one soon.

Katrina added: “Working together to reduce the spread in Moray will reduce the risk of further spread to Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen. The slightly accelerated delivery in Moray will not delay the programme or negatively impact on the work planned throughout Grampian.

“We urge the residents in Moray to make every effort to attend their allocated appointment time to help us protect them and the community.

Reducing vaccine wastage

“If individuals cannot attend their allocated appointment, they are advised to get in touch using the contact details they will be provided – this is really important as it reduces the risk of any vaccine wastage.

“It has been a huge team effort across Grampian to make this possible and we want to thank everyone involved for their care and dedication. Please, if you are in the 18-39 years cohort please keep your phones nearby over these next few days and listen to any voicemails.”

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