No issues with fuel supply in Scotland says Kinloss forecourt operator

The operator of a rural filling station has assured the people of Forres are that there is no issues with fuel supplies in Scotland, and that there is no need to panic buy or fill jerry cans.

Seapark Filling Station, which is owned by Gleaner, has experienced a higher than normal demand for fuel over the past week, partly due to the national news that petrol stocks were low, and partly because the filling station at Greshop ran out of unleaded petrol as a result of people panic buying.

Operations Director Garry Reaper said: “Although we do have a higher demand than normal we have no issues regarding the availability of fuel for any of our sites including Seapark.
“We stress there is no issue with fuel supplies in Scotland. There is plenty of petrol and diesel available.  

“If one of our filling stations experience abnormal demand then it will be resupplied quickly. 

“One of the great advantages customers of Gleaner benefit from is Gleaner owning and controlling fuel tankers which normally deliver to Gleaner filling stations.

“We have dedicated and skilled drivers and excellent support staff, so can we reiterate there is not an issue with filling vehicles.”

He confirmed that Seapark is receiving regular deliveries.

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