New memorials at Califer will be removed as council clamps down at beauty spot

Moray Council has reminded residents that new plantings or memorials are not permitted at Califer Viewpoint.

Califer Viewpoint, near Forres, is a popular location for memorial trees, flowers and plaques, however it has become over-populated by these tributes and now risks harming the beauty spot.

The decision to stop the installation of memorial tributes was previously taken by the council to protect the views and appearance of the viewpoint.

Following an audit recording the current trees and memorials, the council has confirmed any new additions will be removed from March 2022.

Moray Council’s Open Spaces Manager, James Hunter, said:

“The original decision to stop new plantings in 2014 was taken to prevent the viewpoint becoming over-saturated, unfortunately this practice has continued without permission and we’re seeing the detriment to the area.

“The council has carried out an audit of all plantings and plaques that are currently in place and these will remain in situ. However, to protect the views from Califer Hill and the overall appearance of the beauty spot we must ask people to refrain from adding new tributes to the area.

“It’s lovely to see so many people remembering loved ones in an iconic Moray spot, but I urge people to refrain from planting or installing plaques without permission to avoid any distress when they are removed.”

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