Mystery of stones appearing on Forres doorsteps ‘restores faith in humanity’

A mysterious and artistic ‘stone fairy’ has been leaving kind-hearted Christmas wishes on doorsteps in Forres… and no-one knows who it is or has seen them do it.

At least two mums have opened their front doors to discover a brightly painted stone and a message wishing them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

And we’re wondering if there are others have have had the same gifts left outside their homes.

Mum Rachel Preston said: “We opened our door to a very kind and thoughtful note and painted stone.”

She turned to Facebook to send good wishes to the anonymous person: “It doesn’t say who it’s from so if you’re on here then from our family to yours we wish you the most happiest of Christmases and New Years and may 2021 bring you health and happiness.”

Meanwhile, another two similar stones were left on the doorstep of mum-of-two Hazel Gray. She too had no idea who left the stones but said it mader her feel emotional that someone would leave a lovely gift in such circumstances.

She said: “I felt a little emotional to be honest. With it being such a difficult year it was very touching to receive such a lovely gift. It really restored my faith in humanity.”

Leaving painted stones became popular in 2019 and many were left around the town in public places. People discovered them and either swapped them with ones they painted themselves or had found elsewhere.

The same note was left at both locations. It reads: “Merry Christmas – This year has been quite difficult for us all at times, so the stone fairy has been busy painting lots of stones to cheer everybody up. Hope you like your stone. It is varnished so can be put inside or outside. Wishing you all the very best for a lovely Christmas and a healthy and happy new year.”

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