Missing dog finds her own way home after 36-hour ordeal in the wild

A woman who lost her dog in Forres has thanked everyone who helped search for her beloved Saluki after the distraught pet found its own way home after 36 hours.

Vanessa Favereau and her partner Doug Thompson turned to Facebook when Skye went missing and people shared sightings of the missing dog, and went out to help in the search.

“I’d like to thank the people of Forres for their Herculean effort to go out on foot, bikes, cars and drones to look for our beloved Skye.

“They have been incredible. I have never seen anything like this and can’t thank everyone enough.

“Thank you for your awareness, your sharing and worrying about where she could be. Your comments and sightings gave us hope and helped us to push through this horrible time.

“She finally limped home on Sunday at around 8pm after 36 hours of disappearance and we are overjoyed with happiness.”


Vanessa said Skye went missing while on a walk around Sanquhar. The frightened pooch was later spotted at the Mosset Burn and Moray Wastebusters, and Vanessa thought she might be hiding along the Findhorn River, scared and alone.

A post on Forres Local reached more than 10,000 people in just 24 hours, but despite this, Skye was nowhere to be seen. People were seen walking the banks of the Findhorn with torches as darkness fell.

Then, just as Vanessa was making her own way home after a day of searching she saw Skye heading down the same street.

The couple took the distraught pet to the vets for a check. There were no broken bones, but she had some cuts and bruises, and her paws were raw. Vanessa took her home and laid her down for a rest.

“Skye was in a lot of pain and even just getting up for the toilet was very hard for her. Her paw pads are raw, she has a few cuts and where she’s been hit she’s very sore, but she’s ok.”

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