Missing dog: Black labrador, Dunphail area

[UPDATE] The dog has been found, and the owners want to thank everyone for their support.

A black labrador has been missing since around 5pm today (Tuesday 26 January), and concern for the ageing animal is growing as night falls and snow is falling.

A message on the Facebook page of ‘Forbeshill Spaniels’ reads: “I’ve spent the last 2 hours looking for our Lab Grace shown here in the picture.

“We went out for our evening walk and she went off in opposite direction to the rest of us. In the space of a couple of minutes of me shouting then going round to get here she had disappeared and I’ve not seen her since.

“If anyone sees her in the Dunphail area could you please give us a message? Or if you see of anyone that has found a black lab in this area let them know we’re looking for ours. She’s an older girl and its cold out there and starting to snow again I’m really very worried about her.”

If you can help, please contact Forbeshill Spaniels.

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