Directory sidebar advert


This advert spans the top of the site in the header, and is the most prominent, being seen first before all content and on every page of the website. The slot is shared with four other advertisers, each displaying for six seconds.

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This advert sits in the sidebar, and its square format is the most successful converting advert according to Google Ads.

Don’t want to pay up front? Pay monthly instead.

To allow more flexibility for advertisers, this space is split into five slots and advertisers can buy multiple slots to benefit from more impressions and higher brand awareness

This ad space will receive half the total of impressions across the site. In March, we recorded 6288 page views and our target for 2019 is 100,000 page views.

News Sidebar ads are shown on a rotational basis, and you can buy one, two, three, for or all five slots. Your impressions will increase according to the number of slots you buy.

Advert size: This advert size is called ‘inline rectangle’. It is an industry standard which means that adverts used elsewhere can be used here without modification if required. We can accept JPG, PNG, GIF and HTML5 ad, Size is 300 x 250 pixels.

We will design your ad free of charge when booking terms of 3 months or more.