Man and machine fight back flames in local wildfire

Dramatic scenes of helicopters, fire appliances, farm machinery and men on the ground have been filmed fighting the fierce wildfire flames and choking smoke as the blaze took hold for a second day yesterday near Dunphail.

A helicopter is seen heading straight towards the smoke cloud dropping hundreds of gallons of water, then returning time and time again to douse the advancing flames as they rapidly burn through acres of woodland and gorse, with flames leaping high into the sky.

Diggers, bowsers and fire engines can be seen what looks like just feet from the flames, while men trudge through undergrowth all in a bid to try and halt the wildfire from progress.

The wildfire between Tomnamoon and Logie Windfarm has raged on, with smoke clouds carried by the wind over local villages, and the helicopter is on the scene again today (18 May) dropping water into the fire.

We understand that some houses were evacuated as a precaution, and others have packed their cars to aid a quick getaway.

Power to local homes was interrupted for around two hours.

Last month wildfires burned through land near Knockando and Altyre, in one of the biggest Scotland has seen. Dry conditions are helping the flames spread.

Dunphail resident Rachel Philp spoke about her fears that fire was getting closer to her home, and could only watch as farmers, landowners and fire crew battled to contain the blaze.

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