Lockdown superheroes entertain neighbours with ever-changing wardrobe

A Kinloss mum has been entertaining her neighbours during the lockdown with a daily display of storybook characters and superheroes, as she does her one allowable exercise routine while walking the dog.

Ruth Miller, who lives on the Southside Estate with ex-Army husband Kev and her daughters Tiegan (14) and Calleoigh (12), has become a neighbourhood attraction with local kids lining up to see her outfits and wanting to join in. At a distance of course!

Ruth explained: “I run Ruthless Cleaners, but I’m currently unable to work due to COVID-19.

“I woke up one morning and the sun was shining and I said to Kev I am going to dress up as a dinosaur for my dog walk today!

Raising a smile

Ruth Miller and daughter Tiegan
Ruth Miller and daughter Tiegan has Elsa and Olaf from Frozen

“I wanted to make the families on the estate smile. I went onto social media and posted what I was doing and I had lots of children come out and wave and cars were beeping.

“It was such a lovely response so I thought right what’s next and that’s where it began.

“I got my girls Tiegan and Caileigh to make me some shark fins and went out the next day accompanied by the song ‘Baby shark’ and danced my way around the estate.

High School Musical

“The kids and parents loved it and Tiegan decided she wanted to come along too.

“We have done Harry Potter, Elsa and Olaf, Unicorn Cowgirl, 101 Dalmatians, superheroes, Mario and Donkey Kong.”

Ruth makes up her costumes from old outfits from husband Kev’s Army days and the kids’ dressing-up box, and she just adapts to the theme.

Ruth added: “The kids look out for me every day and join in with dressing-up and making outfits too. It’s so lovely to see them all smile and talk about what they have been doing. They also give me ideas of what they want me to dress up as.”

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