Lochhead warns against stockpiling amid coronavirus ‘panic’


Moray’s MSP has warned against panic buying as the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread.

As shelves are being emptied across Moray and the local food bank running out of supplies, Richard Lochhead MSP has urged people, and supermarkets, to act responsibly to ensure that the most vulnerable can still access essential items.

Difficult times

Mr Lochhead said: “The people of Moray are bracing themselves for a very difficult few months ahead and it’s time to all rally round and follow the advice being issued on a regular basis by the health authorities and to look out for each other. 

“I know that this will be a worrying time for people who are elderly or considered to be at high risk due to underlying health conditions, and there’s no doubt that this will be causing a great deal of concern to them and their families. 

“These are unprecedented times and none of us know exactly what lies ahead. We can all play our part by following advice about regularly washing our hands to prevent spread and following all other medical advice, which is being updated regularly.

“I would strongly urge people to avoid stockpiling, which only makes life more difficult for everyone else especially the elderly and more vulnerable.


“I would also encourage local supermarkets to think more about how the needs of the elderly and vulnerable families can be safeguarded by, for instance, reserving certain times of the day for such customers or by limiting the amount of certain products that can be purchased by any single individual.

“We also need to make sure that people continue to support the local food bank and I know that they’re really short of supplies at the moment. Demand for emergency food parcels is increasing and it is essential that we keep donating to Moray Food Plus, to ensure that people in our communities can access food at a time of need.”

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