Library moratorium on late fines is ending – get your books in now

A senior library worker is pleading with local people to return their books before fines are reinstated in two weeks’ time.

Late fees for books borrowed from Moray libraries have been waived during lockdown as people weren’t able to return them.

And with just weeks left before fines are brought back, senior Library and Information Assistant Charlie Overend is urging people to return borrowed items to avoid a ‘nasty surprise’.

From Monday 23 August they will start charging fines again, and this applies to all items, regardless of when you took them out.

“There is so much stuff missing at the moment, and we just want it back,” he said. “We don’t care how long it has been and we won’t shout (obviously).

“If you have any library books at home that are overdue, please, please, please bring them back before the 23rd so that your fines can be waived.

Items on junior and Over-60 tickets do not incur fines, but we would urge you to bring back anything that’s massively overdue anyway.

Fines which existed on accounts before Covid will still apply.

“We don’t want anyone having a nasty surprise,” he added.

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