Have you seen our toilet?

Custodians of the toilet blocks at Findhorn beach have been left scratching their heads after a ceramic urinal was taken from outside one of the buildings currently closed for renovation.

The Findhorn Village Conservation Company is refurbishing one of the public conveniences down at the beach car park.

A ceramic urinal removed from the block was due to be repurposed as a planter, and placed outside the building, ready to be loaded with soil and flowers. But it has disappeared without a trace

A spokesperson for the conservation accompany said: “We were going to use the old urinal as a flower trough, an unusual repurposing but ideal for a planter rather than landfill, outside the toilet block but disappointingly someone has taken it. “

“It is very heavy and about 5ft long. So would have taken a couple of strong people to lift into a van or trailer. “

They have asked if anyone saw or knows anything, to let them know.

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