Fuel prices reach record levels

Fuel prices in a Forres filling station are continuing to go up, despite a cut in fuel duty yesterday.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a five-pence cut on Wednesday (23 March), but prices at the Esso station on Nairn Road went UP by five pence.

Diesel was 163.9p per litre on 8 March and it had shot up to 187.9p on 24 March. That’s an increase of 24p per litre over the last sixteen days, around £10 per fill-up.

Fuel prices are increasing across the country, however, we were contacted by a reader to say that the next nearest filling station at Kinloss was cheaper by 12p pence per litre, and we checked it out.

That’s around £5 difference filling up in town or three miles down the road.

The Esso station is operated by Motor Fuel Group (MFG) who claim to be the UK’s largest independent forecourt operator. Seapark Filling Station in Kinloss is operated by Gleaner, a local company based in Elgin.

MFG refused to comment.

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