Forres showcased in UK’s top floral spots as famous flower show gets under way

As the most famous flower show in the world got under way on Tuesday, the Times has published a list of seven towns in the UK that offer the the best in floral grandeur.

As a low-cost alternative to the Chelsea Flower Show, (all-day tickets are £120), Forres is up there at number four in the list (we’re not sure if it’s in any rank order), and the biggest picture on the page. And, like it’s six counterparts, free for all to enjoy

We provided them with a selection of photos to use in the article, from which they picked this wide angle shot of St Laurence Church with blooms as big as the belfry (perspectively) and the piece details the rest of the Forres in Bloom favourites in the high street and Grant Park.

As the only town in Scotland to get listed, Forres gets another fifteen minutes of fame one of the country’s most-read newspapers, and the work of our volunteers gets recognised yet again.

Thank you Forres in Bloom.

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