Forres market idea ‘needs the people of the town to get behind it’

A woman who commented in a Facebook group about the possibility of a Forres Market has been overwhelmed with support for the idea.

In just over a week, more than 170 people joined a discussion to develop the idea after Sophie Fullard created a ‘Forres Market’ group to get people involved.

Sophie originally asked on the Facebook group Forres Connected if people would be interested in starting a Forres Market and she said the feedback has been ‘through the roof’.

“Up and down Britain there are many small towns – and big towns – that have local markets going on. They’re great for tourism.”

As a musician and artist, Sophie said that a market could be used as a platform for local performers, as well as arts and craft vendors too.

“Whether it’s on the high street or Grant Park, it would be fantastic,” she said.

But she also said that it is down to the people of Forres to make it happen.

“I just moved back to Forres a couple of years ago after growing up here as a teenager, and I just feel like there’s so much potential.

“The feedback is that there was a market here before set up by Transition Town Forres, and I understand it was due to the lack of interest that it stopped.

“So even though we’re getting a lot of interest from people at the moment, we really need to put this in the hands of the people of Forres, and for it not just to fall on the shoulders of the few people that are gathering the momentum.

“I personally would love to see this as a community-based effort so that we could all be involved, contribute and bring something really great to Forres.”

Facebook: Forres Market

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