Forres Local Facebook Pages and Groups

Forres Local operates Facebook Pages and Groups on which it publishes posts and allows others to do the same.

We reserve the right to delete any post or comment made without giving a reason.

Our Facebook Groups display some rules which you can accept or decline to answer at the time of joining.

You will be bound by the rules designated on the Facebook group at the time of joining, even if you did not explicitly agree to them.

If you do not agree to abide by the rules, you should leave the group.

If you break the rules, you may be subject to one or more of the following actions:

  • Your post may be hidden
  • Your post may be removed
  • Your membership may be revoked
  • Your post or your comment may be reported to Facebook
  • You may be permanently banned

Please refer to the rules for our specific groups

Forres Loves Local

This is our ‘Shop Local’ group. It exists for the purpose of promoting, advertising and supporting local businesses to attract local trade. We want to hear from business owners that sell products and services in Forres and we also want to hear from local people about their local shopping experiences. What have you bought locally that saved you travelling out of town or buying from a big name store online.

Members can be pages or personal profiles.

Businesses that join as a ‘page’ must be a local business based in the IV36 postcode area. If your business has a main office outside of the IV36 area, the page may only post content that represents a ‘branch’ located in the IV36 postcode area.

Members, including local businesses, can post adverts for their products and services according to the following criteria. These rules exist to avoid the group filling up with spammy adverts.

  • In general, posts must be useful and interesting, the Facebook algorithm rewards posts which generate prompt interaction, so bear this in mind.
  • Posts must contain text written into the message section of a post. It cannot contain only a picture.
  • Pictures must not contain overlaid text unless it cannot be added in the message box (eg, a logo) and text is part of the logo; or the product contains text.
  • Logos overlaid onto pictures, mustn’t take up a space larger than 10% of the overall image.
  • Duplicate posts will not be allowed unless a substantial amount of time has passed between them. You should aim to write a different message for each post
  • We will remove posts targeted solely at businesses

It is our duty to uphold and protect the validity and integrity of the page and we may remove posts which we think are spammy.

Some business types will be excluded from joining, eg, marketing agencies, MLM, pyramid schemes, franchises. Travelling businesses with licensed stops in Forres are not excluded.

We do not charge businesses to advertise in our groups, however, we are keen to establish ‘collaborations’ with businesses wanting to run paid Facebook campaigns in this group or our pages.

Forres Local Business Network

In addition to our mailing list for business owners, we also have a Facebook Group to allow more frequent engagement on business issues.

This is for business owners to discuss business issues with each other, and you will be asked for your business name and email address when joining. More than one person from a single business can join.

No adverts will be accepted in this group, unless pre-approved by an admin.

Forres Local Community Network

Coming soon