Comment: Don’t just clap – do the right thing for our heroes

The Clap for Carers started off as a good idea, to give recognition to the NHS and the key workers who had to work at the front line.

They faced the virus in the line of duty. And it’s back in 2021, this time called Clap for Heroes.

But it’s not the same. Carers, heroes and key workers are tired beyond belief, scared for their families, and in some cases, already dead.

It seems the reaction to this news hasn’t gone down too well with the public, and indeed many of the heroes themselves, who say clapping is futile.

Ten months on and clapping isn’t the support they want or need. Of course it’a a nice gesture, but it’s hollow. They want people to follow the rules, stay at home and stop spreading the virus. They don’t want clapping to become a repentence.

In a recent Facebok post the public were asked if they were going to clap and unanimously the responses were against it. More than 130 people without exception said they weren’t going to take part. Some of their responses:

l’m with the them what they are worth which is a dam site more than an MP gets

No, it suggests that the NHS, carers, key workers etc were overlooked and have now been remembered. Some of us never forgot the essential work they do in the first place!

We don’t need claps although it is nice… I’m sure all NHS staff would much rather everyone just stayed at home and followed the rules

No…why would we clap what does it do apart from hurt ur hands! We all know they are doing a good job to the best of there abilities along with lots of other key workers who don’t get any praise

And they’re right. We do know that key workers are heroes and that they’re going above and beyond, but they need something more than a clap.

We can have all the rules in the world, but if we don’t stick to them, it just won’t work.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon commented on the event today (6 January) and said: “What most front line workers is for all of us to do everything we can to stop the virus spreading, so please, stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives.”

This is what our heroes want. Let’s do it.

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